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Emergency Incident Response

An incident response team (IRT) or emergency response team (ERT) is a group of people who prepare for and respond to any emergency incident, such as a natural disaster or an interruption of business operations. Incident response teams are common in public service organizations as well as in other organizations, either military or specialty. This team is generally composed of specific members designated before an incident occurs, although under certain circumstances the team may be an ad hoc group of willing volunteers. [1] In cyber-security terms that translates to incidents such as a ransomware that is rapidly spreading through your network, a crucial data breach, etc.

Our team of experts can design an emergency plan for such an incident for your enterprise and if that occurs respond according to that, so that you can minimize the downtime of your systems while at the same time be sure that your computing systems are in the same state as they were before the incident.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incident_response_team

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